Detailed Guide for a Smile Makeover

Detailed Guide for a Smile Makeover

Jun 01, 2022

Have you decided that you’d like to boost your self-confidence with a smile makeover near you? If you answered “yes,” this information about smile makeovers in Dallas, TX, from Dr. Amber James at Trinity Dental Loft provides tons of information about the various procedures and benefits most patients select. After reading the information below, our dentist and her team would love to answer your questions during your smile makeover consultation if you still have questions about a particular procedure.

What is a Smile Makeover?

A smile makeover consists of multiple procedures that correct cosmetic and structural flaws. Most procedures are classified as cosmetic unless the procedure is necessary to correct a structural or functional flaw such as jaw realignment. Our Dallas dentist has performed countless smile makeovers ranging from tooth alignment and tooth whitening to dental prosthetics and Invisalign® in Dallas. Because smile makeovers usually involve more than one treatment category, you must partner with a dentist who designs treatment plans that make the most sense from a performance and cost perspective. For example, if you want to have whiter teeth and correct minor alignment concerns, knowing which procedure to perform first is critical in your treatment plan.

Dr. James will evaluate your smile and listen to your goals for your future smile. She will answer all of your timing, durability, and budget questions. If you are concerned about dental insurance not being covered, we offer third-party payment options through CareCredit® Zirtue. Your customized treatment plan will include this information and estimated costs of procedures.

If you’re ready to start, we invite you to book an appointment for your smile makeover consultation and unparalleled care. We offer early evening appointments and covered parking to make your appointments convenient. Our experienced and gentle dental team is ready to help you get started on your goal of a more beautiful smile.

Benefits of Smile Makeover

If you were to take a poll of patients who benefited from a smile makeover that they value the most, you would probably receive an array of answers. Even though it’s commonly believed that smile makeovers are strictly to boost self-confidence by improving the appearance of a patient’s smile, they also improve functionality. For example, patients with a missing tooth may choose a dental implant procedure. While it’s true that a dental implant can restore the appearance of the patient’s smile, it also helps prevent future dental concerns. So, in the case of a dental implant, patients value both aesthetic improvement and functional improvement.

The dentist customizes the benefits that you achieve from your smile makeover to your needs and goals. For example, if you want to replace a missing tooth and reduce your risk of gum disease, the procedure’s benefits will be multi-fold. Likewise, if your goal is to achieve a straighter smile with Invisalign in Dallas, that benefit is achievable. Still, you’ll also benefit from the oral health advantages of having straighter teeth.

Even if your concern is as well-defined as wanting to remove the white spots from your teeth, that’s achievable with ICON White Smile Therapy as a stand-alone procedure. Still, you may want to coordinate that therapy with tooth-colored fillings to treat cavities. Either way, we’re here to design a smile makeover that consists of as few or as many procedures as needed to restore your smile’s appearance and health.

We Value Your Time

One of the most common components in a smile makeover is professional tooth whitening. Although you may want to try over-the-counter (OTC) whitening and bleaching products because of their convenience, it’s important to point out that tooth whitening from our Dallas dentist can result in whiter teeth in as little as one appointment. We value your time as much as you do and do not want to see you waiting for weeks or months to notice a difference in your smile when we can deliver results in one appointment. Learn more about tooth whitening and other smile makeover procedures by contacting us today.

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