How Do Dental Crowns Work?

How Do Dental Crowns Work?

May 08, 2019

Having a crown placed is a very common dental procedure. Each day, patients around the world have crowns put on their teeth. However, even with how common they are, many patients do not have a good understanding of what crowns are and how they help teeth. Due to this lack of information, patients may experience fear or become intimidated when their Dallas dentist recommends a dental crown. We are here to bring you up to speed!

What Is a Crown?

A crown is a prosthesis that is placed over the tooth to restore it to its original size, shape, and function. They are permanently cemented onto teeth that have been damaged due to injuries, accidents, or severe decay. Essentially a crown is a cap that covers the entire tooth.

When Are Dental Crowns Used?

There are a few reasons why a dentist may recommend a crown be placed over a tooth. Most commonly a crown will be recommended in cases where there is extensive decay and there is not enough natural tooth structure left to place a filling. A crown may also be placed if part of a tooth is fractured or if a tooth has a large existing filling that is causing fracture lines in a tooth. Lastly, a crown may be placed due to esthetic reasons if the shape or size of the tooth needs to be modified.

What is the process for getting a crown?

Getting a crown usually takes 2 visits. At the first visit, Dr. James will make sure that you are comfortable and numb before starting the procedure. Then any decay that is present will be removed with a dental hand-piece. The tooth will be reduced a bit on all sides to make room for the crown. Then, an impression will be taken to send to the dental lab to fabricate the permanent crown. A temporary crown will be placed over the tooth at the end of the first visit. At the second visit, we will remove the temporary crown and try in the permanent crown. We take an x-ray and make sure that the crown fits well, and that the patient is happy with the shape and color. Then the permanent crown is placed on the tooth with permanent dental cement.

Will it look like a normal tooth?

Yes! At Trinity Dental Loft we use materials that mimic a tooth’s natural color and translucency. We do not use any metal/silver colored materials. Therefore, you will never end up with that grey margin that often leaves crowns looking very unnatural.

If you have any more questions about crowns that you would like to ask. Dr. Amber James, please give us a call!

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