If you had to pick one kind of candy

If you had to pick one kind of candy

Oct 04, 2019

Halloween is upon us, and while dressing up is fun, everyone knows the best part of Halloween is the candy!! Candy is such a guilty pleasure and there’s so many options to choose from. We often get asked whether there’s a candy that’s less harmful to your teeth than others. The answer is, yes, DARK CHOCOLATE!!!

Dark chocolate contains far less sugar than Milk Chocolate and contains a number of substances that help fight cavities. Dark chocolate is a good source of polyphenols. Polyphenols help to limit the growth of harmful oral bacteria. They are able to neutralize the bacteria that cause cavities. Some studies have shown chocolate to be more effective than fluoride at fighting tooth decay. Polyphenols can also neutralize the bacteria that cause bad breath.

Dark chocolate also contains flavonoids. Flavonoids are a plant-based antioxidant. Dark chocolate can contain up to four times the amount found in green tea! High amounts of antioxidants in saliva have been shown to fight periodontal disease. In addition to the dental benefits, antioxidants also help keep your body healthy on a cellular level.

When the Halloween candy starts coming in, remember, Dark Chocolate is always a good choice!!

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