Invisalign® — A Simple Treatment That Can Change Your Look 

Invisalign® — A Simple Treatment That Can Change Your Look 

You look more attractive when your smile is perfect. Some problems might affect your look. Any misalignment, cracked, chipped, or broken teeth ruin your smile. Make sure you take good care of the smile.

A simple treatment can work wonders. Invisalign® treatment is a renowned procedure that has some remarkable benefits for you. They are an amazing substitute for traditional braces. Let’s see how effective the treatment is.

Why Are Invisalign Different From Traditional Braces 

Invisalign aligners are a blessing of cosmetic dentistry. They are computer-generated set of teeth or teeth-shaped tray. They are transparent hence called clear aligners. Customization allows perfection to hit your smile.

Traditional braces do not give you the option to customize. Metallic brackets and wires cover your teeth. It does not look good while you smile. Clear aligners look more attractive. The metal wires can hurt your gums. On the contrary, Invisalign braces have no wires or brackets at all. There is no risk of injury.

Additionally, these clear braces are more durable compared to the traditional braces. In addition, they are easy to use, lightweight and sturdy.

Which One to Choose from the Two Types

Now you know the key difference between transparent braces and traditional braces. Most people ask the question about which one to choose, or which is best for them. Before jumping to any decision, you can look at the benefits of Invisalign treatment. Here are a few advantages for your ease.

Maintenance Routine 

Traditional braces need several visits to the dentist. Every time, the brackets and wires need to be tightened. The process does not end at the clinic. Once you are home, the braces or clear aligners need proper hygiene routine. You cannot skip a day without proper brushing or mouthwash.

This treatment does not have maintenance to be strictly careful. Just the regular dental hygiene steps would be good. There are no visits to the dentist every 15 days.

Time Frame for the Treatment 

Invisalign treatment in Dallas, TX does not require any long period for installation. The treatment is completed in an hour or so. Moreover, you can get rid of the clear aligners in a maximum of 15 months. Traditional braces take more than an hour for installation. The entire process takes about three visits. There is no period specified for wearing the braces. You can be free of them in a year or it can take more than two years as well.

Your Appearance with the Braces 

Your appearance matters the most. Before choosing any of these treatments, be sure about the confidence you will have after the treatment. Traditional braces are not attractive to everyone. Although the brackets allow color variations, a good look is not promised. Transparent braces, on the other hand, can make you look more attractive. The braces or Invisalign aligners are invisible. Their shine is visible and your teeth look whiter and better.

Prioritize the Comfort 

Wires and brackets are stressing for most of the patients. Not everyone is easy-going. You might not be able to tolerate something in your mouth for long. Wires can break and hurt the muscles too. The modern braces are beneficial. They are removable. If you have any irritation, just remove them for a few minutes and put them back on. There are no wires or brackets involved so the treatment is risk-free as well.

Shield against Cavities 

The transparent trays serve as a shield when there is a cavity attack. Your teeth are safe from other problems like breaking or chipping as well. It is a single solution to many problems. 

Traditional braces are not protectors. You have to clean your teeth properly especially around the brackets to remove all the dirt before plaque develops.

Time and Cost You Have to Bear 

The modern braces may sound expensive when compared to traditional braces. Think about the cost that you have to bear for every visit to the dentist to get the traditional braces maintained. Invisalign is a one-time investment. You save money as well as time.

Dr. Amber James is one of the renowned dentists in Dallas for Invisalign treatment. If you are searching for transparent braces, visit her at our clinic to get the perfect treatment.

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