Complete Dentures in Dallas, TX

Complete Dentures in Dallas, TX

Are you missing all your teeth and looking for affordable dentures near you? Look no further! At Trinity Dental Loft, Dr. James uses complete dentures to replace your teeth and restore your beautiful smile.

Complete dentures or full mouth dentures replace all of your bottom and top teeth. They are usually made of acrylic resin and artificial teeth, and are made to look as natural as possible.

Complete Denture Procedure

Complete dentures are made custom for each patient. The fit and shape is customized as well as the shape, color and position of the teeth. Due to the custom nature of complete dentures, they typically take between 4-6 appointments to complete. If you have any remaining teeth that need to be removed, Dr. James and her team can complete the extraction process for you. This will be followed by a waiting period to give your gums a chance to heal prior to initial impressions.

At the initial visit, our dentist in Dallas, TX will first evaluate your mouth to determine if complete dentures are suitable for you and present some options including implant retained dentures, conventional dentures as well as All-on-4 implant dentures. Once a treatment plan is agreed upon there are a series of visits for impressions, setting the bite and checking the aesthetics prior to final processing of the denture.

During your final appointment, the dentist will fit your complete dentures. Minor adjustments may be necessary at this stage to achieve a good fit.

You might feel some discomfort during the first few days of wearing the denture. This is very normal as you learn to use the prosthesis. You should continue wearing them so that you can get used to eating and speaking with them in and so that the dentist can better see any sore spots that will need adjustment.

Benefits of Complete Dentures

  • Complete dentures replace all your upper and lower teeth.
  • They improve speech and allow you to chew properly.
  • They are relatively affordable.
  • They provide excellent aesthetics and restore facial contours.

Caring for Your Complete Dentures

Complete dentures should be cleaned every day to prevent build-up of plaque, tartar, and bacteria. Use brush specifically made for dentures with mild soap to clean them thoroughly. Rinse them in clean water before placing them in your mouth or storing them. Do not use a regular toothbrush as this can cause unnecessary wear and dull the shine on your denture.

You should also remove your dentures every night to minimize the risk of fungal infection. Store the denture in a denture soaking solution or just plain water. It is important to keep the denture in water as it can become dry and brittle, making it more likely to break or chip.

If there is any crack or damage to your denture, do not hesitate to call our dental office in Dallas, TX. With good regular denture care, they can provide great function and aesthetics and last many years!

Missing teeth can cause aesthetic, speech and chewing problems. At Trinity Dental Loft, we offer affordable complete dentures near you as an excellent option to replace missing teeth.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about complete dentures, call us today to book a consultation.


How many teeth do you need for a partial denture?

There is no minimum number of missing teeth needed for a partial denture. Typically, a partial denture can replace one or more missing teeth and is designed to fit around the remaining natural teeth.

Can you sleep with partial dentures?

No, it is not recommended to sleep with partial dentures or dentures in your mouth. Extended wear of oral appliances that cover your gum tissues and palate can cause fungal infections. It is recommended to remove your appliances to clean them as well as give your oral tissues a chance to rest.

How long do you have to wait to get dentures after teeth are pulled?

After teeth are pulled, it usually takes several weeks for the gums to heal and for the mouth to adjust. Once healing is complete, dentures can be made and fitted, a process that can take several appointments and a few weeks to complete. If patients do not want to wait for the mouth to heal after having teeth extracted, immediate dentures can be made. Immediate dentures are meant to be temporary, and they are made based on an estimate of the shape of your mouth after teeth are extracted. Immediate dentures will need to be relined continually throughout the healing process.

How long does it take for partial dentures to be made?

The time it takes to make partial dentures varies based on individual needs and preferences. If there are fewer teeth that need to be replaced, the partial can be made and delivered in 2 visits. If there are more teeth to be replaced or there are more complex esthetic concerns, there can be 3-4 visits.

Do dentures ever feel normal?

Yes, with time and practice, dentures can feel normal. Initially, there may be some discomfort or awkwardness as the mouth and oral muscles adjust to the dentures, but with regular wear, they can become more comfortable and natural feeling.

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