Dental Fillings in Dallas, TX

Dental Fillings in Dallas, TX

Defining A Dental Filling

Here at Trinity Dental Loft, we will provide the best dental care in Dallas for you and your family no matter what the need might be. However, we see so many in need for dental fillings in Dallas, TX that it might be good to start with a good definition of what a ‘filling’ is in the dental world. It is when your cosmetic dentist in dallas at Trinity Dental Loft performs the direct restoring to repair your damaged or decayed tooth and it will become the first line in defence of that tooth that has become compromised. To have this procedure, your dentist will utilise a local anaesthetic for numbing the area and then start to remove any of the structurally damaged parts of the natural tooth or the decay. If the tooth has been adequately prepared, let the “filling” begin!

What Are Fillings Comprised of?

Some of the more used material for fillings are the dental amalgams which are a (mix of mercury, silver, tin, copper and a few other trace metals) and then the composite resin which is a synthetic material which is composite resin colored to match your teeth. At Trinity Dental Loft, we almost always tell our patients we recommend the resin mix, that matches better with your natural teeth should be used for your tooth fillings. We recommend it because of the natural result that can be achieved with this great composite and the capabilities that can be delivered with the modern composite that lasts just as long as the traditional amalgam.

How Are Dental Fillings Applied?

After your dentist has prepared your tooth, the material for filling the cavity is chosen and applied, then shaped and allowed to cure to attain that final restoration. Your fillings cost will range in the length of your appointment which is dependent on how large your area of decay, how much surface of the tooth will need to be repaired and the cost of the filling.

What Happens After Getting The Filling?

Expect to be numb for a while after your procedures. Because of your numbness, eating and drinking might be hard on the area that is affected. Due to being numb, avoid drinking anything very hot or eating and chewing because you could hurt yourself and not even realize it. You could feel minor tooth sensitivity for as long as six weeks after your tooth filling as this is a normal feeling from getting your tooth filled. Your gums around your teeth might be sensitive as long as a week post procedure because of the tissue that was moved around during the dental filling process. If the sensitivity gets worse than a mild level or lasts longer than it should, call your dentist at Trinity Dental Loft for an appointment so we can check that all is healing properly.

You may experience soreness when opening your mouth after the procedure–this is typically from holding your mouth open during the appointment, and a warm compress afterwards should help alleviate any pain.

Once the numbness wears off, pay attention to your bite to make sure everything feels normal. You want to feel your teeth hitting on both sides simultaneously when you bite down. If this is not the case, or if you’re experiencing continued discomfort with chewing, go back to your dentist for a quick checkup to guarantee that all is well.

Here at Trinity Dental Loft we care about our patients and want everyone to be happy with their smile when they leave here. We serve the patients coming from Oak Cliff, TX, Uptown, TX, Downtown, TX, West Dallas, TX, Kessler, TX, Trinity Groves, TX and Bishop Arts, TX.

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