Dental Implant Restoration

Dental Implant Restoration

Dental implants are meant to be replacements for missing or totally damaged teeth. If not cared for properly, then dental implant restoration may be necessary. At Trinity Dental Loft we give the best care possible to help restore any damaged dental implants in Dallas, Texas 75208.

Dental implants are made up of three parts:

  • Implant- The part that is fused to your jawbone to provide a base.
  • Abutment- Titanium and zirconium attached to your implant to give a spot for a crown to attach.
  • Crown- This is the part that you see above the gums. They are commonly made of porcelain.

These are meant to last a lifetime, but they may not if you don’t treat them well or if some situations occur. If a crown is cracked, chipped, or loose then dental implant restoration may be required.

People get dental implants in Dallas for a variety of reasons, including cosmetic or even necessity. There are many varieties, such as full mouth dental implants, dental implant dentures, bridges, or just a single tooth.

Dental implants require surgery and can be complicated. That’s why keeping up with their quality and having proper restoration is so important.

The Process of Dental Implant Restoration

At Trinity Dental Loft we want to make sure you understand the process of your dental restoration.

Here are the general steps followed:

  • Scanning- We use a custom scanner to take a look at your implant abutment. It provides high-quality imaging so that we know where to begin with any implant restoration.
  • Creating abutment- Often we have to recreate an abutment to fit your mouth and gums. This is necessary to keep the tooth fitting properly and tightly.
  • Forming a crown- We use porcelain crowns and shape them to your teeth to best fit around your implants.
  • Replacement- We then put in the new abutment in the implant. Then we attach the crown to it, and your smile is restored.

If you have dental implants that may need our help, then give us a call at Trinity Dental Loft. We treat all the surrounding areas of Dallas, Texas. This includes Bishop Arts, Downtown, Kessler, Oak Cliff, Trinity Groves, Uptown, and West Dallas. Book your appointment online now.

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