ICON White Spot Treatment

ICON White Spot Treatment

Do you have white spots on your teeth that are bothersome? Trinity Dental Loft is pleased to offer Icon therapy in Dallas, TX. Icon treatment eliminates the need for shots, drilling or large restorations to treat white spot lesions (WSLs). Icon is a revolutionary and painless technique to fix white spots on teeth and remove lesions without undergoing a major dental procedure.

Benefits of Icon Therapy

  • It is virtually painless and does not require the use of needles to remove white spots.
  • Icon treatment does not require the removal of any tooth structure.
  • It is an acceptable treatment for most people who need to remove white spots on their teeth due to fluorosis, orthodontics, or other causes.
  • Alternative procedures, including porcelain veneers, are more expensive and invasive than Icon white spot removal.
  • The treatment’s effects may continue for several years before you need to return for a touchup.
  • After typical teeth whitening procedures, untreated WSLs usually seem worse. Using Icon after whitening treatment will help minimize the appearance of those white spot lesions.

How Does Icon Work?

White spot lesions appear as chalky white spots on otherwise healthy-looking teeth. The spots occur after a subsurface layer of enamel on the tooth demineralized. The decalcified inner enamel remains trapped underneath remineralized surface enamel. The irregular microstructure of the demineralized layer reflects light different than the rest of the tooth resulting in the appearance of an opaque white spot.

Icon Treatment, near you at Trinity Dental Loft, works by camouflaging white spots without removing any tooth structure. Icon treatment uses a clear resin that fortifies the demineralized enamel so that it reflects light similarly to your natural tooth structure.

If you have white spots that you are unhappy with, see Dr. Amber James and the team at Trinity Dental Loft for a consultation!

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