Invisalign® in Dallas, TX

Invisalign® in Dallas, TX

Invisalign® is an orthodontic treatment system that uses clear aligners to straighten your teeth. Not only will Invisalign®, correct a crooked smile, but it will also do it faster than most traditional methods. Invisalign is commonly used to treat a variety of dental conditions including crowding, deep bites, open bites, uneven spacing and gaps as well generally improving the shape of your smile. At Trinity Dental Loft in Dallas, we can help you decide if Invisalign® is best for you when trying to achieve a better smile.

Adults and teens often choose Invisalign® treatment because it is more esthetic than traditional braces.  For the most part, people won’t even know that you are wearing aligners! The trays can be removed if you have an important work or personal event. Invisalign® can help adults and teens realign their teeth with the greatest of ease.

How Does Invisalign® Work?

All-in-all, Invisalign® is a pretty simple process. Dr. James takes an in-depth look at your smile to identify areas where correction is recommended as well as make sure that the patient’s main concerns are addressed. Plus, at Trinity Dental Loft in Dallas, we can even give you a “sneak peek” at what your smile could look like after using Invisalign®. Using state-of-the-art technology, your dentist will create the perfect alignment system for you.

Once your treatment plan has been created, Dr. James will send you a digital rendering of the outcome for your approval. Patients are given 3-5 trays at a time to be worn for 7-10 days and progress is closely monitored by Dr. James to ensure the optimal outcome.

What Are the Benefits of Invisalign®?

When compared to braces, there are tons of benefits to using Invisalign clear aligner system. For starters, there are no metal brackets or wires permanently attached to your teeth. Invisalign® aligners are very thin and clear, and the attachments are tooth colored making them nearly undetectable to the average person. Plus, Invisalign® tends to be more comfortable for patients than traditional teeth straightening methods.

All things considered, if you are suffering from a crooked or misshapen smile, Invisalign® might be for you. The only way for you to be sure is to consult with your top-rated dentist in Dallas at Trinity Dental Loft. We’re always available to answer any questions you might have and get you started on your way to a healthy and happy smile. Trinity Dental Loft offers Invisalign treatment for people residing in West Dallas, TX, Uptown, TX, Downtown Dallas, TX, Trinity Groves, TX, Oak Cliff, TX, Kessler, TX and Bishop Arts, TX.


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