Tooth Extractions in Dallas TX

Tooth Extractions in Dallas TX

Tooth extraction can be deemed necessary for several reasons. Your teeth can be badly damaged, or they may suffer from trauma or decay. Teeth that cannot be repaired may also need to be removed. There are other reasons for a tooth to be pulled, such as a crowded mouth. Your teeth can be pushed out of alignment due to crowding. Teeth may also be too big for the mouth or be trapped under the gums due to other teeth resting on top of it. Infection, even risk of infection, is another common reason. A compromised immune system can cause infections to spread and require a cosmetic dentist in dallas for tooth removal. A tooth that has damage or decay that reaches the pulp, or the center of teeth that contains nerves as well as blood vessels, bacteria can cause infections. Root canal therapy can often correct this issue and rid the area of infected tissue, but teeth may still need tooth extraction in Dallas, TX.

Tooth extraction near me can be of great benefit in the prevention of infections and other issues with teeth. There are two types of tooth extractions performed by dentists – normal tooth extractions, or simple extractions, and surgical tooth extraction, or complex extractions.

Simple Extraction

Oral extractions are simple when the tooth can be removed without digging into the gums. A dentist will use a tool to gently move the tooth from side to side. This will loosen the tooth so that it can be pulled from the gums by the root.

Complex Extraction

Complex tooth extraction treatment involves surgery. This can be performed by a specialist, such as an oral surgeon, or a general dentist. Oral surgery tooth extraction takes longer than simple extractions. If the tooth breaks, it can be even more difficult to remove it.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction in Dallas can also involve the dental extraction of wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth removal in Dallas may be necessary if wisdom teeth are impacted, angled wrong, the mouth is not big enough, or there are cavities or gum disease.

After Surgery

Tooth extraction care is important in keeping the mouth free of infection. After tooth extraction, you should make sure to manage pain with moist heat and avoid hard foods. If you experience severe pain after tooth extractions, painkillers can be used to reduce discomfort.

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