Tooth Extractions in Dallas TX

Tooth Extractions in Dallas TX

A dental extraction may become necessary for several reasons. Teeth that are badly decayed, fractured, have suffered physical trauma, or have localized periodontitis may need to be extracted. Crowded teeth may also need to be extracted for orthodontics.

Dental extractions or tooth extractions are of great benefit in preventing the spread of dental infections and other issues with teeth.

Dr. Amber James has training to perform both simple and complex extractions. Oral sedation is also available to those patients who need it.

After a dental extraction, socket preservation, or bone grafting, is also recommended to prevent bone loss around the extraction site. This allows for a more functional and esthetic result when the extraction site is eventually restored with either an implant or a bridge. At Trinity Dental Loft, we do offer socket preservation as an option after dental extractions.

If you have any questions about dental extractions or socket preservation, please call us today!

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