The Definitive Guide to Tooth Extraction

The Definitive Guide to Tooth Extraction

Mar 01, 2020

Teeth are an essential part of our lives and missing a tooth can affect the quality of our lives. Teeth were meant to last you for life. Sadly, many Americans have to visit a dentist for simple or surgical extractions. There is a myriad of reasons as to why tooth removal in Dallas is necessary.

When Tooth Extraction is Necessary

After a dental exam, our dentist may suggest that you have a tooth removed. The following are some of the reasons as to why extractions are necessary:

  • Severe damage caused by tooth decay. When tooth decay has reached the pulp (center of your tooth), there is no option but to remove the tooth.
  • Periodontal disease, also known as gum disease, affects the tissues and bones that hold the teeth in place. It starts off as gingivitis which affects only the gums. If not taken care of, it proceeds to attack the bones. Bacteria cause periodontal disease, but sometimes it may result due to a loose tooth. When this is the case, then our dentist will have to suggest tooth extraction to prevent infection.
  • Extraction is necessary when a tooth is impacted, which means it hasn’t fully erupted or come out. You will experience this problem with wisdom teeth.
  • If you are to undergo an orthodontic procedure, there are instances where extractions will be done to avoid overcrowding.
  • After an accident, the first option is to try as much as possible to save your natural teeth. If they are badly damaged, then your teeth have to be removed.

Types of Extractions

The type of extraction used will depend on your tooth’s size, shape and location. There are only two types of extractions:

  • Surgical Extraction

You will need surgical extraction when your tooth is impacted. This means that the tooth isn’t visible in the mouth. It is not above the gum line. Our dentist has to take an X-Ray of your jaw to see the exact location of your tooth, then proceed to extract it.

  • Simple Extraction

This procedure is applicable when the tooth is visible and is above the gum line. Local anesthesia will numb the surrounding area so that you do not feel pain. The tooth will be loosened using an elevator; then it will be removed using forceps.

What to Expect After an Extraction

There are three phases that the socket undergoes as it heals:

  • Inflammatory phase – this is the initial stage where there is inflammation of the gums, followed by blood clots in the cavity. Then, there is the formation of the granulation tissue that covers the wound. New tissue will soon form over the clot in a week.
  • Proliferative phase – This is the second stage where the wound begins to seal.
  • Maturation phase – This is the final stage where collagen forms a bony network over the wound and seals the area.

You might experience some discomfort and swelling after the extraction for a period of three to four days. After five days, the swelling has gone down, and you can resume your regular diet. But, you will have to wait for two weeks for your swelling to completely go down.

After three weeks, you will have to re-visit our tooth extraction clinic in Dallas, for a post-operative checkup. Our dentist will now ascertain whether you are fully healed or not.

Life After Extraction

After your tooth has been successfully removed, you have the option of remaining without that tooth. In as much as you have this option, it is not advisable.

Other than aesthetics, other functional problems can occur because of missing teeth. Your facial integrity will be distorted, the teeth surrounding the empty socket start becoming loose, and food gets stuck in the socket, to name a few.

Some options are at your disposal that can improve your life even after dental extraction. The options are:

A dental implant is surgically implanted, which makes it an excellent choice for teeth replacement. It mimics your natural teeth from how it looks to how it functions. You will wait for roughly nine months for the process to be complete, but it will last a long time.

Dentures are removable teeth that can offer quick solutions to missing teeth.

Dental bridges come in different types, but they are not surgically implanted like dental implants. They need your surrounding teeth for anchorage.

If you need a tooth extraction clinic in Dallas, contact Trinity Dental Loft and book an appointment.

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