What to Do When You Chip or Break a Tooth: Emergency Dental Solutions

What to Do When You Chip or Break a Tooth: Emergency Dental Solutions

Aug 01, 2023

Chipped and broken teeth are prevalent forms of dental emergencies. When a tooth cracks, it exposes the delicate inner tissues making you susceptible to infections. Your teeth also become sensitive to temperature and pain. If you have a cracked or broken tooth, visit an emergency dentist near you for immediate intervention.

This article highlights the interventions you can seek when you break or chip your tooth. If your tooth gets broken or chipped, do not panic. Visit a dentist near me.

A brief explanation of how teeth can chip or break

Teeth can break or chip in many ways. You can get involved in an accident, get a sports injury, have a car accident, or bite down a hard object. Even though broken or chipped teeth are not the most severe dental emergency, visiting a dentist and receiving proper dental care is critical to prevent infection and further damage. Ways in which teeth can break or chip include:

  • A car accident – many body parts are at stake during a car accident. Your teeth may get hit due to the heavy impact resulting in broken or chipped teeth.
  • Sports injury – some sports are pretty risky and can subject you to an injury that can have your teeth broken or chipped. Some of these sports include football and hockey.
  • Bruxism – a condition where you involuntarily clench or grind your teeth. If you have bruxism and do not seek medical intervention, it can lead to teeth breakages and chipping.
  • Erosion – teeth erosion is caused by consuming corrosive foods and drinks.
  • Tooth decay –poor eating habits like consumption of sugary foods and not brushing teeth causes tooth decay. Tooth decay weakens the teeth and is thus a major cause of broken or chipped teeth.
  • Gum disease- gum disease occurs from poor dental hygiene. Gum disease weakens the teeth, making them susceptible to breakages, especially when you bite complex objects.
  • Biting complex objects – when you bite hard objects regularly, you might be a victim of teeth chipping or breakage. Some habits like opening bottles with the mouth and biting complex objects like hard candy and popcorn kernels can result in teeth breakages.

In case of teeth breakage, you should only visit reputable dental clinics like Trinity Dental Loft. They have an experienced Dallas dentist to ensure they handle teeth breakage or chipping professionally.

Importance of seeking immediate dental solutions

Even though teeth breakages and chipping are not the most severe dental emergencies, you should not overlook them. When it occurs, it is imperative to seek an emergency dentist near me. Teeth breakages can cause immense pain, and thus very critical to seek dental intervention as soon as the injury happens.

Furthermore, Ignoring the broken or chipped tooth can lead to severe complications that would be costly to treat. Delaying treatment exposes the inner layers to viruses and bacteria that could cause tooth decay or infection. Seeking immediate attention prevents such complications, which would need critical procedures later.

Immediate dental intervention increases the chances of restoring a tooth’s aesthetics and functionality. A broken or chipped tooth may lose the ability to function normally, and you can prevent that by seeking immediate dental treatment. Once treated immediately, you increase the chances of restoring standard functionality and aesthetics.

Seeking emergency treatment for a broken or chipped tooth increases the chances of saving the affected tooth. Broken or chipped teeth can be repaired through prompt intervention by a dentist. When you visit an emergency dental facility, the dentist assesses the extent of the damage and determines the best possible solution.

Treatment options for a broken or chipped tooth

Treatment for a broken or chipped tooth is subject to the severity of the damage. Standard treatment options include;

  • Polishing entails smoothening the jagged or broken edge to ensure it does not cause damage to the delicate oral tissues.
  • Bonding involves filling in the gaps after chipping and breakages. It is performed using a composite resin, which is shaped to achieve the perfect shape of the tooth.

Other advanced procedure

  • A root canal and crown placement
  • Tooth extraction and implant


When you experience a broken or chipped tooth, seek immediate medical assistance to ensure a better outcome.

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